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Half Baked Fresh Daily! Check out the Day-Old section. Canadians Welcome! My first thought took me to Eagleville again: my parents often talked in hushed tones about the woman who owned the local diner. Seems she had to be promiscuous, because she was shock divorced.


Then I thought back some 25 years to a young neighbor who had 3 babies in fairly quick succession that the youngsters called "fertile Myrtle". THEN I recalled a young girl my son, as well as most of the boys in high school, dated.

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Cliff called her "loose Lulu" and trust me, she earned the title. She came up pregnant and submitted three names of boys it might have been, and none of them were the father. There were several women though that wore the title of "jilted" - one I remember from when I was very young was an old woman named Amy. She would walk the streets all made up, as if she was still young and it was her wedding day.

Oregon Sluts

Until she was about 70ish. Lots of rouge and lipstick, you get the idea. She never had another man, I don't beleive and probably stayed true to the bastard until she passed away. Definitely touched in the head.

I think the 'town pumps' used to live one town over, actually. Oops, I neglected to mention that "Fertile Myrtle's" babies each had a different dad. AND, she was actually a very nice girl! Q What do Finnish girls put behind their ears to attract men?

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A Their ankles. I heard that from a very nice Finnish girl so it was all in fun, no offence. And for some strange reason, it's usually the girls that won't or wouldn't that get the tag hung on them by some small minded etc guy.


I came from too many towns to remember any one specific one. Uh uh Donna, the name very well implied the several fathers of the several children. Auntie, yes we discussed the other town one.

Wednesday, December 02,

Funny name; I wish I could use it here. Dalia, guys that age don't deserve physical contact. Beth, Poor Margie.

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Anon, I've never pictured the Fins as being flirtatious at all. I picture them as quiet, church going people.

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I haven't been here long enough to see that side of them. Darev, though you must see that it is an entire industry to name them.

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Moose, I was expecting you to post the joke about the Canadian whores and hockey players. One of my favorites Border guard asks where they are heading.

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Husband says New Jersey. Husband says he asked where we are heading. Border guard asks how long they are going to stay.

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Husband says a couple of weeks. Husband answers he asked how long we are staying. Border guard asks where they are from. Border guard says he once knew a woman from there and she was the biggest slut in town.

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A for real town bike. Husband answers Post a Comment.

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View my complete profile. Wednesday, December 02, Town Slut. W said Warrenton AM Anonymous said Moose AM g said Before I quit drinking?

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