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View Full Version : Escort Reports. The report that was on BP about Diamond was false. As a matter of fact I was with her the same day that report came out.

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I have been with her on many occasions and it gets better every time. For one she is short but not white and two why would the police use an under aged girl to aid in a sting that would go over real good. News you can use. What does short and White or not have to do with each other??

I was responding to an earlier post where someone said she was white.

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Has anyone heard from or seen the knock out part timer Sara lately? Use to catch her on cl adult gigs not escort section.

I love every type of sex except some of the kinkier fetishes"

Experience I sometimes can't stop thinking about. I may reach out to her but I don't really have that kind of jack right now and I don't know if she is still dibbling and dabbling. She recently told me she has retired, but said she may have a friend. Hard to imagine it will be the same. Some things only come natural. Ok so breasts aren't one of them. If any of the story is true LE may have been watching her room.

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If any of the story is true, the poster's subsequent actions show he is a moron. He has confessed his presence in three posts on an escort site. The prosecutor just said, "Case closed. Real cute, nice body.


If interested let me know and I will tell her to e-mail you or get you her. Your funny.

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I never claimed to be that way. In fact I just thought is looked pretty in the ad.

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YOU sound only smart to the other guys on here who are looking to wife prostitutes. Every girl who opens her legs for money is a plain jane is cheap clothing.

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And I am very well. And well-dressed and most def.

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Above average in looks so what are you really saying! Does it give you some type of joy to sit here and make it seem as if you are better than me bc you pay and take. If you could get that anywhere and KEEP it you would not be on here responding to me!. All prostitutes are what they are. Not your average girl!

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In fact to do this you have to be smarter and better than the average women! EVERY lady sells there ass for a price mine is just by the hour.

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What happened. You claim to be a courtesan. I concur I can get that anywhere! Today, the term courtesan has become a euphemism to deate an escort or a prostitute. I understand that there are some guys who do this to aviod the every day drama that the average women can bring or work.

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And yes the oldest trade in the book is only possible bc of the prostitutes who do it. So please stop with your Prima Donna shit!.

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And whats the difference between a man thinking his dick is made of gold!. So I won't move on and I will continue to provide my southern charm that is all that!

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To those who appriciate it bc it's a known fact that guys who write BAD reviews never spend more than And think the girl is going to do flips and tricks for it. Still sounds like a sense of entitlement and superiority to me. So called "nasty crackhead providers" are no different than "nasty" heifers that think their p-ssy is made of gold. It's not what you do it is how you handle yourself.

I don't prefer women that use but I don't prefer Prima Donnas or Divas either. The oldest profession in the world can not be hindered by anything. Also very presumptuous to think that all hobbyist can't get sex anywhere else. Many choose to compensate for many other reasons, not being able to get some not being one of them.

Get your hustle on but recognize that we recognize it is just that, a hustle. Some may have expendable income and can drop a hundred or hundreds for minutes. You won't get any empathy here. Just keep it moving. Your real Southern Charm probably ain't all you think it is and has been posted as much. I'll believe my fellow hobbyist.

I recently sent Sara an and got the same response as Eman and Fotog. She's retired but has a friend. I sent an requesting a pic. Let's see where this le.

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Judging by her writing skills, not to mention her attitude, I believe Sarah is "special". Good Lord!?!?! Have you heard the saying "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Please see my report in the SW section for those who don't read both sections.

Tabby is somewhere between a SW and an escort. That's to say, I don't think she ever walks the street, but if probably more of a SW. Obviously, she paid someone to write all that BS on her website.

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It's supposed to be an upscale woman with class. Choose a Location Someone who is well-maintaned.

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Someone well-dressed and above average in appearance. You are NOT a courtesan.

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I looked at your photos. But please show me some that do.

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Its always the girl never the guy! Same shit different day. I'm trying to see what the friend looks like. Choose a Location Name tag, helmet, and short bus, "special". Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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