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Renewed efforts in recent years to reform land tenure policy in Sub-Saharan African countries have — in some cases — included provisions aimed at improving women's land rights.

The matrilineal-matrilocal areas in Southern Malawi described here present a counter case. Only daughters are the heirs of their matrilineage's land, while sons use their wives' land or, in special circumstances, have temporary use of fields belonging to their female matrikin. This pattern has prevailed in the face of a long and continuing history of prejudice against matriliny.

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Now, a new land policy, not yet passed into law, includes an explicit aim to protect and improve land rights for women. Yet the means selected by the policy — land inheritance by both sons and daughters and extension of greater authority to traditional leaders in the administration of land — will be likely, if implemented, to have opposite effects in matrilineal-matrilocal areas.

Amanor Amanor K. Land Tenure and Agrarian Change in Kenya. Africa61 — World Development— Oxford, Kampala, Nairobi : James Currey Study rounds of 12 months each were conducted in —87, andwith shorter periods in most of the intervening years.

By Henry David Thoreau

My deep gratitude goes to these and our research assistants, and even more to the Zomba villagers among whom I have lived and worked for so long. The terms are in Chinyanja, the language used in the Southern Region; it has minor differences from Chichewa, the lingua franca of Malawi and the favoured language under Dr Banda. This term was used, as in the Rhodesias and South Africa, to refer to people of mixed race.

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Kishindo Kishindo, Paul. Journal of Contemporary African Studies— Madison : University of Wisconsin Press Inheritance refers to the transfer of personal assets and land from a deceased relative to an heir; succession refers to the transfer of authority such as a chiefship.

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Children take the name of the mfunda matri-clan of their father and are often so addressed in the village. McEwan F. Household and Community in African Studies.

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Ekistics— 5. Most property is divided up among heirs in a special meeting of matrilineal relatives soon after a funeral, but fields are not discussed in this meeting and are allocated in stricter ways than other properties.

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Peters PetersPauline E. These refer to my most recent survey inalthough sizes have changed very little over the years. Female headed households average 1. The sample averages are above those of the district since the sample was selected in to include tobacco farmers.

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One field whose rent was K in was increased to K in Figures cited by four buyers in ranged from K to K19, per field. One buyer bought four fields, one bought three and two others bought one each. Walker and Peters WalkerPeter A. Kaarhus R. Bruce and Mighot-Adholla Bruce, J.

Peters and Kambewa PetersPauline E. Holden, Kaarhus, and Lunduka Holden S. Again, this obviously has more relevance for those with more land than for the undoubtedly increasing of near-landless.

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Cited by lists all citing articles based on Crossref citations. Securing women's land rights.

Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom,

Pauline E. Keywords: Malawi matrilineal-matrilocal land tenure settlement schemes gender equity land policy. Notes 1.

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Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Journal home. Matrilocal residence is often referred to as uxorilocal i.

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